2016 MPA Campaign Vote!

Endorsement List

Every election, Maine People's Alliance Campaign Vote! distributes questionnaires to candidates in State and Federal races. Candidates that are endorsed by MPA Campaign Vote! have shown through their responses and subsequent interviews with MPA members that they are strong candidates who support a progressive Maine.

We're proud to endorse the following candidates for State House and Senate, Governor and Congress.

You can look up your district and poll location and find the candidates who will appear on your ballot right here.


(by district)
HD 2 Mark Lawrence
HD 9 Diane Denk
HD 15 Maggie O'Neill
HD 16 River Payne
HD 19 Nalbert Tero
HD 24 Mark Bryant
HD 26 Maureen Terry
HD 28 Chris Caiazzo
HD 29 Theo Kalikow
HD 31 Lois Galgay Reckitt
HD 32 Scott Hamann
HD 33 Brad Fox
HD 37 Richard Farnsworth
HD 39 Michael Sylvester
HD 40 Rachel Talbot Ross
HD 41 Erik Jorgensen
HD 45 Dale Denno
HD 51 Joyce 'Jay'McCreight
HD 54 Denise Tepler
HD 55 Seth Berry
HD 58 Jim Handy
HD 59 Roger Jason Fuller
HD 60 Jared Golden
HD 61 Heidi Brooks
HD 62 Gina Melaragno
HD 64 Bettyann Sheats
HD 65 Elijah Breton
HD 66 Jessica Fayt
HD 69 Walter Riseman
HD 74 Tina Riley
HD 77 Alan Tibbetts
HD 79 John Glowa Sr
HD 84 Charlotte Warren
HD 85 Donna Doore
HD 87 Wendy Ross
HD 91 Emily Trask-Eaton
HD 93 Pinny Beebe-Center
HD 94 Kathleen Meil
HD 95 Elinore Goldberg
HD 96 Stanley Zeigler
HD 97 Erin Herbig
HD 101 Jim Davitt
HD 105 Joshua Hartford
HD 116 Sheryl Briggs
HD 117 Sidney Pew
HD 120 Dr Richard Evans
HD 122 Michelle Dunphy
HD 123 Ryan Tipping-Spitz
HD 124 Aaron Frey
HD 125 Victoria Kornfeld
HD 126 John Schneck
HD 127 Barbara Cardone
HD 129 Teresa Montague
HD 130 John Wombacher
HD 131 Dorothy Caldwell
HD 133 Ralph Chapman
HD 134 Walter Kumiega
HD 136 Michael Fisher
HD 137 Laurie Fogelman
HD 140 Anne Perry
HD 147 Robert Saucier
HD 148 David McCrea
HD 149 Ginette Rivard
HD 150 Roland Danny Martin
HD 151 John Martin



(by district)
SD 1 Troy Jackson
SD 2 Michael Carpenter
SD 4 Carole Boothroyd
SD 7 Moira O'Neill
SD 9 Geoff Gratwick
SD 11 Jonathan Fulford
SD 12 Dave Miramant
SD 13 Chris Johnson
SD 14 Shenna Bellows
SD 16 Henry Beck
SD 17 Joanne Dunlap
SD 20 Kimberly Sampson
SD 23 Eloise Vitelli
SD 25 Cathy Breen
SD 27 Ben Chipman
SD 29 Rebecca Millett
SD 30 Jean-Marie Caterina
SD 31 Justin Chenette
SD 32 Susan Dechambault
SD 34 Jonathan Kilbourn

President: Hillary Clinton
1st Congressional District: Chellie Pingree
2nd Congressional District: Emily Cain

Paid for by MPA Campaign Vote! Jesse Graham Treasurer, 565 Congress St. #200 Portland, Maine 04101